Thursday, February 02, 2012

Remember When Dishes Came in Oatmeal Boxes and Detergent Boxes?

This wonderful memory was shared with me and yes I do have a vague memory of dishes being included in detergent boxes, oatmeal boxes and other food product boxes.

When I was first married (to my first hubby) all of our towels came from detergent boxes. They were pretty crappy towels it took two to get you dry after a shower but hey, they did not cost us any extra money.

Here is the memory that was shared;

Gaithersburg, MD 
I have 8 place settings with all (?) I think of the original serving dishes and platters, S&P, etc. of the gold-rimmed Rose dishes with the Triumph, American Limoges, Sebring, Ohio mark. My mother and her younger sister each got a set and combined the 2 sets for big parties/dinners in the 1950's-1970's. Mother put a small piece of adhesive tape on her pieces so that she would'nt get any extra chipped ones back from my aunt! Both have passed on, but family lore has it that they got the pieces in detergent or soap boxes???? Have you heard a similar story for this pattern? Money would have been dear...maybe it's true??? 
location: Small town
I would love to hear your stories of items your family has that were giveaways either in food boxes, the movie theater, gas station, etc.

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