Monday, July 24, 2006

Antique Memories - I Remember When

Tell us your memories... please share.

With our mobile, minimalist society our memories of the past are not getting passed along through the written word, pictures or voice.

Family photos get sold in garage sales or simply thrown away because no one wants to mess with them or knows who the people are. Grandparent's, aunts and uncles live across the country from their families and grandchildren and do not communicate and when they do... the younger generation really doesn't want to hear about "The Good Old Days."

So please, if you don't want to use the computer, my mailing address is on the left side of the page, you can mail me your memories or photos. A tape recording would be great too. I will then post the information here on this web log for others to read and learn from.
No personal information will be given, I promise.
If you need something to jog your memory you can look at my antique shop site and see if there is something on there that brings back a memory.
Thank you for helping with this project.