Thursday, February 02, 2012

Never Complain About Mamma's Cooking

Another fun childhood memory that has been shared and a lesson learned.

I was looking over your site and saw the Colonial Homestead china you had listed. Years ago my mother built a set of this china-it was a special offer from the local food chain. You could purchase pieces for something like 25 cents with each $5.00 purchase or something similar. 
At any rate, she worked at it until she had a complete set for eight along with the serving pieces. We used that set for quite a few years-until my father complained about a roast of beef. My mother had a comment to make back to him and he threw the roast on the floor, platter and all. My mother followed it with every dish on the shelves. We had a lovely pile of Colonial Homestead shards in the middle of our kitchen.. 
My sister and I went next door to see what they had for dinner since it did not seem like we were going to get much to eat at home. After that we had to eat off of my great-great grandmother's wedding china until we replaced the "everyday" dishes. 
My Mom and Dad stayed married 63 years and there were quite a few of these types of incidents-they were both very strong-willed and quick-tempered, so it was never boring around the house. I have to say, my Dad never complained about a roast again and we got many a laugh out of this when we had to explain why our "everyday" dishes were 100+ years old. To those who knew my parents well it was not a big surprise. location: 
Small town state_lived_in: Cape Cod, Mass

Your mom sounds like my kind of gal. Love this story.

Please feel free to post your childhood memory stories in any of the comment sections and I will post it as a regular post for all to see. Thank you.

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