Monday, April 13, 2009

The Laughing Place

year_born: 1957

memory: Auctions with my grandpa; I always got to bid on the trays because gram, served everyone off of them.

They had what we called the shelter house; on the southend was the kitchen, the water pump was on the west side and the wood burning stove on the east. There were 7 picnic tables, end to end and at the far end was a huge chandelier; acquired from the Palace theatre. Gram served all the people before she ever sat down. so I would make sure to buy the box of trays, ( and there was one at almost every auction).

Gradpa had cast iron cream separator, actually a couple. The old grinding wheels, of every size imaginable. The cobalt decorated crocks lined the driveway, (with Gramsflowers in them) and ever so many feet there'd be a buck board to sit on. There were so many cool things at their place (aka 'the Laughing Place'); people would stop and ask, 'are you open?' and Grandpa always said, 'we're always open, what can I do yafor?', whatever it was that caught their eye, they'd ask about and Grandpa would 'give' it to them. It happened so much, Gram was sick of antiques!

The Laughing Place is still there. My Uncle Gene wrote a song about the 'LaughingPlace', it goes something like this (in part);
Ol' briar rabbit has a laughing place in the middle of the ol'briar patch,
he can sit right there, look the farmer in the eye and never be his catch...
We'll I got me a laughin' place in the middle of the clear creek hills, I can
sit right here and watch the world drive by and never feel it's chills...

ty for letting me share. by Ginny Bell (aka Little Ginny)
location: Small townstate_lived_in: Ohio

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