Monday, April 13, 2009

Beautiful Memory of Granny and Special Occasions

year_born: 1962

memory: My Granny was given for her wedding a complete table ware setting of J&G Meakin Persian Garden design in 1932 apx. Only on special occasions like Chrismas was it every used. I can remember from a young age carefully setting the dinning table with irish white linen and serviettes. Silver cutlery for 8 adults.

When xmas pudding was served I was allowed to hide six penses (coin money, silver about 5 centsback then) in the plum pud before serving them to the guest. My granny died 4 years ago and she left me the table set and my sister the tea cups pots and cake plate set. Unfortunatly family pilfered pieces for the memories. So now I am trying to collect the odds missing.

I now lay my table with white irish linen and on herbirthday, set the china out for my mother( her only daughter) in her late 60's. To eat and remember the happy times when granny was alive. Now she always is alive in our hearts.

location: South Australia Gawler outside of Adelaide

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