Monday, February 19, 2007

Family Thanksgiving and Family Cookbook Memories

year_born: 1960

memory_description: Our Thanksgiving family reunions at the Baptist Encampment in Brownwood, Texas in the 1960's. My maternal grandmother was from a Texas pioneer farming family and had 12 brothers and sisters. Each Thanksgiving the great aunts and great uncles and their children and grandchildren would gather from all over Texas and the nation to celebrate, give thanks, and reconnect with each other. We always made the trip from Denver, Colorado.

I remember lots of hugs and kisses, and cousins to play with. Dinner was cooked by the great aunts and my grandmother. Their cooking was so loved by all of the family that they were talked into making a family cookbook to share with current and future generations. To this day, I have an original copy (given to me by my mother)and I have made copies to pass on to my sister and her daughter. I will also have copies ready for my sons' wives when that time comes. It is my most tresured cookbook!

location: City
state_lived_in: Colorado

Granny Comment:
I love the cookbook idea, a friend of ours did the same thing. They collected recipes from everyone in the family, had them bound into book form and gave them away.
I am doing the same for my family and hubby's family There is nothing that expresses love quite like food.

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