Monday, February 19, 2007

Childhood Items Become Treasured Memories

year_born: 1961

memory_description: My mom died about 13 years ago. I miss her much.

I have to admit, that long ago, I cared nothing for collectibles, vintage or antiques. Now I have the 1920's IRONS that were thrown in the fireplace to iron clothes, the crocks they used for so many things (including making saurkraut), the cast iron pot belly stove once used to heat a house (I use propane), and some REAL wood furniture (mahogony and early american maple), the depression glass I took for granted all my childhood.

I feel blessed to know all this history and I am honored to have it all in my home.

I have a 17 yr old daughter who doesn't care for any of it...I have to laugh, at her age, I thought all this stuff was goofy too. I hope someday, she will realize all the history and all the workmanship and all the worn beauty these things hold.

I have the Early American Maple table that helped me learn how to walk (I held on to that to pull up). I got to see my own daughter do the same thing years ago....She just had a son, I'm hoping he'll do the same in a few months.

Thank you for letting me share.

location: Small town
state_lived_in: Virginia

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